Unauthorized Disclosure

Host Rania Khalek left Lebanon and traveled back to the United States while the global coronavirus pandemic intensifies in the U.S. and throughout the world. Host Kevin Gosztola is sheltering in place in Illinois. Both are healthy, fortunately.

Rania and Kevin spend the show talking about the impact on them personally. That includes Rania highlighting what a relative who is a medical professional is enduring in this crisis.

They contend that the dramatic measures to lockdown the United States are crucial, no matter how much one cares about civil liberties. This has to be done, and anyone who tries to defy and flout the measures is extremely selfish.

Later in the show, Rania and Kevin talk about the coronavirus primaries. Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez and the DNC sociopathically pushed onward with primaries in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois and put lives at risk.

Kevin went out to vote during the pandemic, and he shares what he observed and why he organized against this criminal recklessness.

The show concludes with some discussion of more global issues, in Venezuela and Iran, and some discussion of what can and must be done to help people in these tumultuous and uncertain times.


We know these are highly stressful times and that some of you are just beginning to suffer from the uncertainty paralyzing our economy. We thank everyone of you who is able to remain a patron, and we will constantly find ways to show our appreciation for you as you keep this show going.

Soon there will be an announcement about a live show that will stream next week in the evening either on March 25 or 26. We will let you know as soon as we have exact details. But we will be taking any questions or comments you have for us.

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