Unauthorized Disclosure

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola recorded a live broadcast of the "Unauthorized Disclosure" weekly podcast.

The global coronavirus pandemic is bringing out the best at the grassroots level while further exposing who is truly the worst among elites. The pandemic is also making it abundantly clear whose lives people in power value and whose lives they don't.     

Rania and Kevin spent the hour responding to questions and comments from patrons and listeners of the show. They discussed the disaster capitalism at the core of a so-called stimulus bill that passed in Congress, as well as racism stemming from those who label COVID-19 the "China virus."  

They rundown the severity of the crisis that medical professionals at hospitals throughout the U.S. face.   

Later in the show, Rania and Kevin highlight what they impact may be to Gaza and Yemen. They contemplate what the world may be like after the pandemic, given the sociopathic nature of the United States government's response so far.

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