Unauthorized Disclosure

For this week's episode, Rania Khalek interviews Kevin Gosztola, who has been in London reporting on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition proceedings.

The world had a first chance to hear much of the case the prosecution, as well as the defense, will be making. Kevin talks about the impact of Chelsea Manning's resistance. He describes what the defense presented in relation to Undercover Global, the Spanish security company that engaged in an espionage operation against Assange on behalf of the CIA.

Kevin generally talks about the media that were there (and not there), who the judge is that is presiding over the extradition proceedings, and a bombshell allegation made by the defense against President Donald Trump that involves the abuse of pardon power.

The show concludes with a brief conversation about the Coronavirus and how the lack of a national healthcare program may make the spread of the virus worse. 

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