Unauthorized Disclosure

For this week's episode, Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola welcome Briahna Joy Gray, who is a co-host of the Bad Faith podcast and a former press secretary for Bernie Sanders.

Briahna talks with Rania and Kevin about the aftermath of #ForceTheVote and her attempt to have a good faith debate with The Majority Report's Sam Seder.

We ask her about the unwillingness of progressive Democrats to challenge the Democratic Party establishment, especially when it comes to third party campaigns outside of the Democratic Party.

Later in the episode, Rania and Kevin discuss the unwillingness among many left-leaning pundits to reach out to working class people who are likely open to progressive, or even socialist ideas.

We also raise the issue of political voids created by many of these same commentators who will not speak on matters that wind up becoming conservative or right-wing libertarian issues when they dismiss them as unimportant. 

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