Unauthorized Disclosure

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola welcome Margaret Kimberley, who is an editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report.

One of Kimberley's most recent pieces, which we discuss, is "Hybrid Warfare In Bolivia and Beyond."

Kimberley talks with us about how the United States empire navigates a citizenry that increasingly opposes deploying troops to intervene in countries and how propaganda seeps into our popular culture.

She explores how Democrats almost universally support American imperialism, along with Republicans, as well as the limits of liberal opposition to wars launched by the United States.

Kimberley comments on Bernie Sanders' foreign policy stances, including his latest comments on the coup in Bolivia.   

Later in the show, Kimberley highlights a piece she contributed to an anthology published by OR Books, "In Defense of Julian Assange." (It appears right after Kevin's contribution on WikiLeaks and Democrats.)

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