Unauthorized Disclosure

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola had a limited amount of time for this week's episode. Rania was in New York to cover the UN General Assembly meeting, where a number of Latin American leaders condemned US imperialism.

Rania and Kevin talk a bit about some of the speeches and also respond to Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying the migrants being bussed by Republican governors are "fleeing communism" in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Later in the show, Kevin rants against the city of Chicago for allowing toxic levels of lead in the tap water. The Guardian published a major report that implicated Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

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Brian Nam-Sonenstein, co-host of the "Beyond Prisons" podcast and publishing editor of Shadowproof, appears on "Unauthorized Disclosure" to help the show outline the issue of censorship in United States prisons and jails. 

He describes why free speech advocates should absolutely care and how censorship has intensified as facilities move away from physical mail.  

Censorship is not limited to banning books. Nor is it only retaliation against an incarcerated individual who wants to write a letter for publication. 

At the end of the show, Kevin highlights declassified files that show how a propaganda department of the British Foreign Office targeted Kwame Ture, who was a Black liberation leader, with a disinformation campaign.


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Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola, hosts of Unauthorized Disclosure, reflect on the response to those with ties to the Global South, who remembered Queen Elizabeth for her history as a part of a royal family that inflicted massive amounts of pain and suffering through their colonialism throughout the past century. 

In particular, they highlight Amazon founder Jeff Bezos calling attention to a tweet from Nigerian university professor at Carnegie Mellon named Uju Anya. Nigeria was a British colony until 1960, and Anya was censored by Twitter because Bezos did not like her message and tone.

The show's hosts also discuss the United Kingdom and other EU countries that have inflicted hardship on their populations by creating an energy crisis in response to the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine that was entirely avoidable. 

And in the first part of the episode, they share some of their opinions about why it feels so controversial to talk about the seeds of fascism in the United States.

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"Think about what we're saying and the fact that it is coming from us. We have been consistent in our views. We have been consistent in our positions," Rania Khalek says on this week's "Unauthorized Disclosure." "So we're not some liberal hacks."  

"Please remember our body of work as you hear what we have to say," even if it just so happens to intersect with some annoying liberals. 

Rania and Kevin Gosztola respond to the backlash their interview with Ben Norton has received. They also comment on the terrorism charges against former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoing safe injection sites, and the extremely lenient punishment that Paul Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi's husband) received for drunk driving. 

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