Unauthorized Disclosure

Hosts Kevin Gosztola and Rania Khalek are joined by Peter Hart, the activism director for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). Hart discusses some of the myths in media coverage of the escalated war in Iraq and Syria. He talks about Obama being treated as a "reluctant warrior" and the effect that has on news reports. He also highlights fear mongering that has been ongoing. 

In the discussion segment, Gosztola talks about Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation and how Holder presided over a Justice Department that is still investigating antiwar activists. He then gets into how an Alabama judge suspended the First Amendment for a little over a week and what is happening in Ferguson with an escalation in police targeting community organizers.

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Hosts Kevin Gosztola and Rania Khalek are joined by retired Army colonel and former US diplomat Ann Wright, who resigned from the State Department in 2003 in protest against the Iraq War. She discusses her organizing with CODEPINK, which spent the past week demonstrating in hearings on Capitol Hill on the Obama administration's plans to combat ISIS. She reacts to Secretary of State John Kerry calling out CODEPINK and also discusses an op-ed written by Chelsea Manning on what the US should do to fight ISIS. 

During the discussion portion of the show, we acknowledge the votes in Congress giving Obama the go-ahead to train and arm Syrian rebels. Khalek highlights a story she wrote this week on an Israeli drone conference. We talk about Israel's NSA scandal with Unit 8200 members blowing the whistle on spying against innocent Palestinians. Then, we move on to the Justice Department invoking the state secrets privilege to protect an anti-Iran advocacy group and wrap up our show covering the US response to the spread of Ebola in north African countries. 

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Hosts Kevin Gosztola and Rania Khalek interview Shane Bauer, who is a reporter for Mother Jones and recently attended the massive "Urban Shield" police meet-up and training exercise in Oakland, California. He had many following his reporting on the event on Twitter, and he interviewed vendors and snapped many amazing, if not also disturbing, photos of what was happening. And, before the five-day meet-up was over, Bauer had his media badge taken by police and he was booted.

During the discussion portion, we talk about going to President Barack Obama's announcement that America is going to war against ISIS—and how the Obama administration won't call it a a war on ISIS. Khalek highlights a report she did on a religious zealot Israeli general, who ordered an Israeli soldier to be killed by friendly fire rather than captured by Hamas. The episode concludes with some talk about District Attorney Sam Sutter. Sutter stunned environmental activists this past week when he had criminal charges against two men who engaged in direct action dropped because he sympathizes with their view that climate change is a serious crisis. 

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Hosts Kevin Gosztola and Rania Khalek interview Liz Spoerri, an assistant middle school teacher who has organized with environmental groups, and Patrick Mazza, a veteran climate activist who has been organizing for the last 15 years. Spoerri and Mazza recount the direct action they took on September 2 against oil trains that run through Seattle, which was coordinated by Rising Tide North America. They both were arrested and face misdemeanor charges for putting their bodies on the line. They share why they took the action and why they feel it is important for others, particularly in NGOs, to take action as well. 

During the discussion portion, we talk about the Islamic State in Iraq and potential plans by the United States to destroy the terrorist group. We also discuss a 2009 intelligence report provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to journalist Glenn Greenwald, which contained a blueprint for spying to help US corporations maintain their dominance in the world. Then, we discuss journalist Ken Dilanian, who The Intercept exposed as the "CIA's mop-up man" while he was working for the Los Angeles Times. And, finally, we highlight how an appeals court, which opposed releasing photos of a Guantanamo prisoner who was tortured, sounded similar to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.

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