Unauthorized Disclosure

Hosts Kevin Gosztola and Rania Khalek are joined by Montague Simmons, chair of Organization for Black Struggle (OBS). He provides an update on aggressive action by police against protestors. He talks about helping community residents feel they will be secure when they participate in actions and how "jail support" is being handled. He also offers a preview of an upcoming weekend of resistance, "Ferguson October," that will take place October 10-13. 

During the discussion portion, Gosztola and Khalek talk a bit about Ebola (they don't have it). Then, the war in Syria and Iraq is highlighted, particularly how Obama has abandoned the "near-certainty" standard, which was developed to prevent civilian casualties in the administration's covert drone war. We talk NSA spying and how the government has its own definition of "collection" that does not mean what you might think. And the show wraps with Khalek reflecting on a hashtag she and journalist Max Blumenthal started, which garnered quite a bit of attention: #JSIL. 

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